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Physiology seminars

Seminars and career development events likely to be of interest to students and faculty in the Physiology graduate program

Below is a list of upcoming seminars and program events that may be of interest to physiology graduate students and faculty.  To see the subset of seminars at just one campus, refer to the navigation at left.


We are committed to providing comprehensive research training and educational experiences so that students can pursue their career goals and passion for biomedical and health-related research.  A graduate degree in Physiology provides necessary breadth and focus to afford students opportunities for varied careers in academia, industry, and other 21st century biomedical health professions (recent alumni).  Better preparing students for emerging careers in the biotech industry is a major goal of our NIH funded predoctoral training program. A necessary component to career planning is completion of yearly Individual Development Plans (see below).


Important exchanges occur through research seminars, monthly graduate student meetings, and career development events


Individual Development Plans (IDPs)


Students are required to complete yearly IDPs starting during the second year of degree matriculation.  Results will be periodically reviewed with individual advisors and the program chair to helps students attain reasonable goals.   To learn more click here.