The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Physiology Program benefits, options, and financial aid

Information about program benefits, campus options, and financial aid available to students in the Physiology graduate program, University Park (main) Campus
Program benefits
  • Ranked in the top ten by the National Research Council
  • NIH Predoctoral Training Program focused on Stress Physiology and Biomedical Workforce
  • Pursue your interests in numerous areas of study
  • Use a variety of disease models and approaches spanning cells to humans
  • Faculty who hold primary appointments in many different departments
  • Outstanding research facilities at both campuses to train and support students
  • Begin developing your own portfolio of innovative research


Financial aid

All applicants are automatically considered for financial support. However, financial support is awarded preferentially to students pursuing a PhD degree. Students receiving financial support (stipend plus tuition grant-in-aid) will be funded for their full period of study (including summer semesters), provided they remain in good standing and maintain satisfactory progress.