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Introductory information on the Big Data Training Grant

The advancement in big data sciences requires a new generation of researchers with strong skills in computation, informatics and statistics. B2D2K Training Program prepares a cadre of young investigators to develop new algorithmic and statistical methods for building predictive, explanatory and casual models through integrative analysis of various types of biomedical data including electronic health records, genomics, behavioral, socio-economic, and environmental data.

The program includes several elements (interdisciplinary and integrative courses, inter-disciplinary research, training in responsible conduct of research, internships in academia, industry, and government labs, and international experiences, and training in communication and entrepreneurship) aimed at preparing the trainees for a broad range of careers within and outside academia.  

Participating graduate programs

Biochemistry, Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Bioinformatics and Genomics Program Option

Computer Science and Engineering

Human Development and Family Studies

Biobehavioral Health

Information Science and Technology


In addition to faculty in above Penn State graduate program, biomedical diata scientists from Giesinger Health System participate in the training to create truly transformative, multidisciplinary graduate training environment.