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Research resources

Resources available to Ecology graduate student researchers
The University Park campus is located in a rural area of central Pennsylvania, and has a wide variety of facilities for ecologists.


Located close to variety of ecosystems

Penn State's University Park Campus is ideally situated for research in varied ecosystems ranging from undisturbed upland bogs, forests, streams, and lakes to areas severely affected by strip mining, deforestation, sewage, effluents, and higher agriculture.


Libraries, collections, facilities

Penn State has an excellent biological library. Collections include herbaria (for mosses, fungi, and higher plants), excellent fish, herpetology, mammal, and bird collections, and the insect collections of the Frost Entomological Museum.


Penn State has animal-care facilities, experimental gardens, greenhouses, climate-controlled growth chambers, and well-equipped laboratories for air pollution monitoring, studies of plant and animal physiological ecology, and continuous culture of aquatic organisms.


The University has a full range of computer facilities. Consultants in statistics and computer science are available to graduate students. Remote-sensing equipment for photoanalysis and digital data analysis is available, as are completely equipped photogrammetry and photointerpretation laboratories.


Students in the Ecology program have access to the Stone Valley Experimental Forest, state gamelands, state forestlands, and the Spruce Creek Experimental Area. The Ecology program is associated with the Center for Watershed Stewardship which offers a graduate option for Ecology students.