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Past theses

Examples of theses submitted by PhD and Masters students in Penn State's Ecology graduate program
Year Student Thesis Title Degree Advisor
2018 Megan Schall A multidisciplinary approach to evaluating population status and disease dynamics of smallmouth bass PhD Tyler Wagner
2018 Spencer Carran Equity in Disease Management PhD Matthew Ferrari
2018 Christina Aiello A multi-level study of disease dynamics in desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii) with implications for translocation risk assessments PhD Peter Hudson
2017 Matthew Toenies Long-term avian community response to hemlock decline MS David Miller
2017 Emilia Sola Gracia Social Insects as Solitary Vehicles PhD David Hughes
2017 Colbie Reed The Physiological Ecology of an Entomopathogenic Fungus: Examining Host-niche Through Metabolic Footprinting of Ophiocordyceps unilateralis s.l. MS David Hughes
2017 Laura Radville Root phenology in a changing world PhD David Eissenstat
2017 Douglas Manning Short-term Vegetation Responses Following Natural Disturbance on Preserved Forest Lands MS Margot Kaye
2017 Shuang Liang Simulating the Effects of Climate Chage, Wildfire and Fuel Treatment on Sierra Nevada Forests PhD Matthew Hurteau
2017 Lillian Hill Lithological Controls on Soil Properties of Temperate Forest Ecosystems in Central Pennsylvania MS Jason Kaye
2017 Timothy Gould Coarse Woody Debris in Riparian Corridors of Central Pennsylvania: How Abundance, Characteristics, and Dynamics Vary with Anthropogenic Disturbance MS Robert Brooks
2017 Ethan Davis Evaluating Agricultural Land Use Patterns in Relation to Food Systems, Bioenergy, and Carbon Mitigation PhD Erica Smithwick
2017 Weile Chen Mycorrhizal-mediated Nutrient Foraging Strategies of Temperate Tree Species PhD David Eissenstat
2016 David Watts Arctic Vegetation Responses to Global Change Reproduction, Growth, and Consequences for Biodiversity PhD Eric Post
2016 Christopher Thawley The causes and consequences of adaptation to a novel invader in the Eastern fence lizard (Sceloporus undulatus) PhD Tracy Langkilde
2016 Xin Peng Potential Use of N2-Fixing Cyanobacteria For Establishing Renewable Biological Soil Crusts and Modulating Soil Nitrogen in Agroecosystems PhD Mary Ann Bruns
2016 Alexandra Orr Topographic Controls on Root Partitioning Patterns in a Temperate Forest MS David Eissenstat
2016 Gail McCormick Factors affecting the physiological consequences of stress in eastern fence lizards (Sceloporus undulatus) PhD Tracy Langkilde
2016 Christian John Against the Spring Wave: Ungulate Migration Phenology in a Changing Arctic MS Eric Post
2016 Lauren Chaby Are there sex differences in the way guppies (Poecilia reticulata) navigate their environment? MS Victoria Braithwaite
2015 Jennifer Tennessen The ecological and evolutionary consequences of noise-induced acoustic habitat loss PhD Tracy Langkilde
2015 Danelle Laflower Projecting the effects of climate change and management in forests of the Puget Sound Lowlands MS Matthew Hurteau
2015 Jeffrey Kerby Phenology in a chancing Arctic: Linking trophic interactions across scales PhD Eric Post
2015 Anjel Helms Eavesdropping plants: Plants perceive and respond to insect odors by priming their anti-herbivore defenses PhD John Tooker
2015 Jacquelyn Harth Zucchini yellow mosaic virus: Post-infection impacts on the Cucurbita pathosystem PhD Andrew Stephenson
2015 Christen Grettenberger Microbial Communities In Acid Mine Drainage Ecosystems PhD Jennifer Macalady
2015 Alison Grantham Improving Nitrogen Management in Agriculture: Opportunities Gleaned from Organic Systems PhD Jason Kaye
2015 Katie Gaines Forest Ecohydrology in a Central Pennsylvania Catchment: A Stable Isotope Approach PhD David Eissenstat
2015 Denise Finney Diversity, disturbance, and nitrogen: using ecologically-based nutrient management to design multifunctional agroecosystems PhD Jason Kaye
2015 Courtney Davis Dynamic approaches to modeling wetland community responses to changing water availability MS David Miller
2015 Sean Cahoon The biophysical and carbon-climate feedbacks of shrub expansion in the Arctic PhD Eric Post
2015 Jennifer Berkebile Models of Growth and Mortality Following Long-term Translocation of Wild Ash Populations MS Kim Steiner
2015 Emily Almberg The invasion, dynamics, and impacts of infectious disease in Yellowstone's wolf population PhD Peter Hudson
2014 Larry York Integration of root phenes affecting nitrogen acquisition in maize PhD Jonathan Lynch
2014 Morgan Wiechmann Ecosystem carbon dynamics following fire risk mitigation treatments in a mixed-conifer forest, Sierra Nevada, California MS Matthew Hurteau
2014 Brittany Teller Dispersal under Duress: The Ecology of Phenotypically Plastic Passive Dispersal by the Invasive Species Carduus Nutans PhD Katriona Shea
2014 Lindsey Swierk Mate choice and competition in the eastern fence lizard, Sceloporus undulatus PhD Tracy Langkilde
2014 Christine Rollinson Influences Of Climate And Biotic Interactions On Realized Niches And Tree Species Distribution In The Central Appalachians PhD Margot Kaye
2014 Sarah Johnson Native American Land Use Legacies in the Present Day Landscape of the Eastern United States PhD Marc Abrams
2014 Kristin Haider The effect of cropping rotation and management on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in a sustainable dairy cropping system MS Roger Koide
2014 Christopher Fernandez Biochemistry of ectomycorrhizal fungi: from functional traits to ecosystem processes PhD Roger Koide
2014 Bradley Carlson The evolutionary ecology of intraspecific trait variation in larval amphibians PhD Tracy Langkilde
2014 Aliana Britson Impacts of Surrounding Land-use on Denitrification and Carbon Storage in Headwater Wetlands of Central Pennsylvania PhD Denice Wardrop
2014 Thomas Bentley Plant volatiles from an ecological perspective: Interactions with herbivores and pollinators in Solanum and Nicotiana PhD Mark Mescher
2014 Kristine Averill The influence of white-tailed deer and landscape composition and structure on exotic plant success PhD David Mortensen
2014 Thomas Adams The controls and constraints of fine-root lifespan PhD David Eissenstat
2013 Molly Steele Genetic Differentiation of Populations of European Wild Rabbits at Different Spatial Scales MS Isabella Cattadori
2013 Lauren Smith Aboveground Carbon Distribution across a Temperate Watershed MS Margot Kaye
2013 Laura Russo Plant-pollinator mutualisms: community structure, function, and management PhD Katriona Shea
2013 Melanie Kammerer Investigating the Role of Local Florisitc Diversity in Provisioning Wild Bees in Pennsylvania Apple Orchards MS David Mortensen
2013 Marc Goebel Decomposition of fine root organic matter among temperate trees species PhD David Eissenstat
2013 John Franklin Egan Plant Biodiversity in Agricultural Landscapes and the Next Generation of Herbicide-resistant Crops PhD David Mortensen
2013 Kelly Brossman Tails and toxins: Exploring life history traits and predator-induced defenses in Eastern Red-spotted Newts (Notophthalmus viridescens viridescens) MS Tracy Langkilde
2012 Jeffrey Law Granivorous Invertebrates and Weed Seed Predation: An Ecological Approach to Weed Management PhD Tomas A. Carlo-Joglar
2012 Cara Hotchkin

Vocal noise compensation in nonhuman mammals: modification types and usage patterns

PhD Susan Parks
2012 Michael Luke McCormack Measuring and modeling fine root dynamics in temperate forests PhD David Eissenstat
2012 Jason Hill

Population Ecology of Grassland Sparrows on Reclaimed Surface Mine Grasslands in Pennsylvania

PhD Duane Diefenbach
2012 Steven Beri Cognitive Ecology: How the threat of predation influences information processing and decision making MS Victoria Braithwaite
2012 Andrew Van Kuren Stimuli Promoting the Arrested Development of Gastrointestinal Helminths in the European Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus): The Role of Climate, Host Immunity, and Intensity of Infection MS Carolyn Mahan
2012 Lauren Seiler Effectiveness of Ailanthus Altissima as a Bioindicator of Ozone Pollution MS Dennis Decoteau
2012 Catherine Airey Fire and the Persistence and Decline of Montane Chaparral in Mixed-Conifer Forests in the Southern Cascades, Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA MS Alan Taylor
2012 Jason Gleditsch Habitat Modeling, Validation and Creation using 2nd Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas Data. MS Tomas Carlo-Joglar
2012 Nicholas Polato Living With Aliens: The Effect of an Invasive Shrub on Avian Nesting Ecology PhD Iliana Baums
2012 Kristen Granger Interactions between Environmental Stress and Genetic Diversity in Reef Building Corals PhD Robert Gallagher
2012 Jessica Moon Mitigation of Drought-Induced Reductions in Wild Oat Seed Quality by Elevated Carbon Dioxide PhD Denice Wardrop
2012 Leah Wasser Understanding the Impacts of Human-Induced Disturbance on Wetland Soil Microbial Processing PhD Alan Taylor
2012 Tricia Miller Assessing Forest Riparian Buffer Ecological Integrity using Lidar Data PhD Robert Brooks
2011 Quanying Du The Influence of Nitrogen Deposition on Root Lifespan in Northeastern Temperate Forests MS David Eissenstat
2011 Erica Stuber Fat and Migration: Relationship between Seasonal Regulation of Adipokines and Behavior MS Paul Bartell
2011 David Lieb The Ecology, Distribution, Conservation, and Management of Pennsylvania's Surface-Dwelling Crayfish Fauna with an Emphasis on the Eastern Part of the State PhD Robert Carline & Eric Post
2011 Rebekah Wagner Phenology, Morphology and Physiology of Eastern Deciduous Seelings under Increased Temperature and Precipitation Treatments PhD Margot Kaye
2011 Kevin Mueller The Influence of Trees on Soil Biogeochemistry PhD David Eissenstat
2011 Daniel Grear Patterns and Process of Parasite Infection and Transmission PhD Peter Hudson
2011 Andrea Nord The Role of Environmental Factors in Population Growth and Control of Microstegium vimineum PhD David Mortensen
2010 Collin Shephard Comparison of Pennsylvania Residents' and Regional Scientists' Perceptions, Values, and Attitudes toward Management of Old-Growth Forests MS Kim Steiner
2010 Nelson DeBarros Floral Resource Provisioning for bees in Pennsylvania MS David Mortensen
2010 Emily Kuhns Identification and Characterization of a Lepidopteran Aminoacylase, A Hydrolast of Fatty Acid Amino Acid Conjugates PhD James Tumlinson
2010 Stephanie Lessard-Pilon The role of habitat-modifying fauna in deepwater coral and cold seep communities in the Gulf of Mexico PhD Charles Fisher
2010 Ruscena Wiederholt Effects of Environmental Variation on Ateline Primate Population Dynamics PhD Stephen Beckerman
2010 Angela Luis Modeling External Forcing on Microparasite Dyanmics:  A Tool for Understanding Observed Ecological Patterns and Forecasting Dynamics PhD Ottar Bjornstad
2010 Shawn Rummel Evaluation of the Post-Stocking Loss of Three Species of Hatchery-Reared Salmonids in Pennsylvania PhD William Sharpe
2010 Matthew Ryan Energy Usage, Greenhouse Gases, and Multi-Tactical Weed Management in Organic Rotational No-Till Cropping Systems PhD David Mortensen
2010 Laurie Goodrich Stopover Ecology of Autumn-Migrating Raptors in the Central Appalachians PhD Margaret Brittingham-Brant
2009 James Julian Evaluating amphibian distribution models and the importance of small, temporary wetlands on amphibian biodiversity in the Delaware Water Gap NRA PhD Robert Brooks
2009 Michelle Williams-Tober Relative Nitrogen Availability along a Disturbance Gradient in Headwater Wetlands in the Upper Juniata Watershed, Pennsylvania (Masters paper) MS Eric Smithwick
2009 Andrew Wilson Bird Population Responses to Conservation Grasslands in Pennsylvania PhD Margaret Brittingham-Brant
2009 Randa Jabbour Management effects on epigeal arthropods and soil-dwelling communities during the transition to organic agriculture PhD Mary Barbercheck
2009 Genevieve Romanello Microstegium vimineum Invasion in Central Pennsylvanian Slope, Seep Wetlands: Site Comparisons, Seed Bank Investigation and Water as a Vector for Dispersal (Master's paper) MS Andrew Cole
2009 Naomi Gebo A Landscape Perspective for Refining Wetland Mitigation in Pennsylvania (Masters paper) MS Rober Brooks
2009 Andrew Scanlan Assessing Diatom Assemblage Changes in Stream Biofilms Along a Biogeochemical Gradients  (Masters paper) PhD Hunter Carrick
2008 Angela Anders Effects of Large-Scale Climate on Avian Population Dynamics Across Species' North American Breeding Distributions PhD Eric Post
2008 Eric Nord Patience is a Virtue: Delayed Phenology is an Adaptive Response for Plants in Soils with Low Phosphorus Availability PhD Jonathan Lynch
2008 Christopher Ross Labile C Constrains Soil Respiration in Ponderosa Pine Forests during Short-Term Precipitation Manipulation and Log-Term Crown Fire Recovery (Masters paper) MS Jason Kaye
2008 Glenn Stauffer Nesting Ecology and Site Fidelity of Grassland Sparrows on Reclaimed Surface Mines in Pennsylvania (Maters Paper) MS Duane Diefenbach
2008 Katherine Marchetto Abiotic and Biotic Factors Affecting Seed Release and Dispersal of the Invasive Thistles Carduus nutans and Carduus acanthoides (Masters paper) MS Kartriona Shea & Stephen Schaeffer
2008 Anna Starovoytov Residue Management for Enhancing Sequestration of Legume-Base Nitrogen (Masters paper) MS Robert Gallagher
2007 Joseph Dauer From Emergence to Impact:  Conyza canadensis Adaptations that Facilitate Seed Dispersal PhD David MOrtensen
2007 Zeynep Sezen Interactions of the Invasive Thistle Carduus Nutans and Its Biocontrol Agent Rhinocyllus Conicus in Heterogeneous Environments PhD Katriona Shea
2007 Glenna Malcolm Metabolic Response to Temperature by Soil Microorganisms


Roger Koide
2007 Jeremy Zidek Phakopsora Pachyrhizi Urediniospore Escape from a Soybean Canopy MS Scott Isard
2007 Michelle Gresalfi   MS Jason Kaye
2007 Jill Cromp-Pestka Analysis of Habitat-Based Viola Sagitta Populations for Regal Fritillary Butterflies at Pennsylvania's National Guard Training Center MS Ke Chung Kim
2007 Andrew Filipczak Development of a forest vegetation Inventory and monitoring program for the eastern rivers and mountains network of the national park service MS James Findley
2007 Zeynep Sezen Interactions of the invasive thistle (Carduus nutans) and its biocontrol agent (Rhinocyllus conicus) in hetergeneous environments. PhD Katriona Shea
2006 Tiffany Bogich Optimization models for the monitoring and management of an invasive species MS Katriona Shea
2006 Loren Benton Byrne Effects of Urban Habitat Types and Landscape Patterns on Ecological Variables at the Above Ground- Below Ground Interface PhD  
2006 Matthew Ferrari Mixing models and Geometry of Epidemics PhD Ottar Bjornstad
2006 Casey Godwin Biomass, Stoichiometry and Nutrient Limitation of Periphyton in a temperate and spring-fed stream MS Hunter Carrick
2006 Zaneta Hough Decomposition in Riparian Depression and Slope Wetlands of Central Pennyslyvania MS Andy Cole
2006 Ningning Kong Topographically Based Landscape-Scale Ecological Mapping In Pennsylvania PhD Wayne Myers
2006 Robert Kuhn Community Dynamics of Streamside Forests: Lessons from the Conestoga River Drainage, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania PhD Marc Abrams
2006 Matthew Lisy Systematics and Browser-Building Behavior of the Tramitichromis Eccles and Trewavas (Telosti: Chichlidae) from the Southeast Arm of Lake Malawi PhD Jay Stauffer
2006 Emily Rauschert Competitive interactions and associations of the invasive thistles Carduus nutans and C. acanthoides PhD Katriona Shea
2006 Shawn Rummel Short Term Effects of Forest Liming on Soil Chemistry and Terrestrial Macroinvertebrates MS Bill Sharpe
2006 Carrie Schwartz The Role of Habitat Heterogeneity in Population Dynamics: From Individual Behavior to Metapopulation Structure PhD Ottar Bjornstad and Mike Saunders
2005 Garneau, Danielle Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of a Multiple Predator-Single Prey System PhD Eric Post
2005 Edwards, Jenny Reasons for Differential Leaf Calcium Concentration in Forest Trees MS Dave Eissenstat
2005 Hoeltje, Stacey Functional Assessment of Created and Natural Wetlands in Central Pennsylvania MS Andy Cole
2005 Long, Eric Landscape and Demographic Influences on Dispersal of White-tailed Deer PhD Duane Diefenbach
2005 Orendovici, Teodora The Response of Black Cherry and Hybrid Poplar to Ozone Under Varying Environmental Conditions PhD Donald Davis and John Skelly
2005 Peskin, Nora Habitat Suitability of Japanese Stillgrass Microstegium Vimineum in an Appalachian Forest MS Dave Mortensen
2005 Laubscher, Susan Aquatic Macroinvertebrates in Pennsylvania Riverine Systems: Their Ecology and Utility as Bioindicators of Condition MS Robert Brooks
2005 Ryan, Patrick Decomposition Dynamics Mediated by Litter Quality in Headwater Floodplain Wetlands in Pennsylvania MS Denice Wardrop
2005 Sughrue, Karen The Hormonal Control and Endocrine Effects of Contaminants on Avian Secondary Sex Characteristics PhD Margaret Brittingham
2005 Turns, Michael The Potential for Reducing the Ecological Footprint of Contemporary Housing: The Case of Central Pennsylvania MS Chris Uhl
2005 Withington, Jennifer Fine Root Production and Lifespan in Eleven Temperate Tree Species Growing in a Common Garden in Poland PhD Dave Eissenstat
2004 Ahn, Mi-Youn Incorporation of Chlorophenols and Humic Monomer into Soils by Metal Oxides and a Fungal Laccase PhD Jerzy Dec and Jean-Marc Bollag
2004 Slawson, Deborah Physical Habitat Recovery in a Former Dam Impoundment PhD Chris Uhl and Ken Tamminga
2004 Thompson, Jacob Soil Fertility, White-Tailed Deer and Three TrilliumSpecies: A Field Study MS Bill Sharpe
2004 Besmer, Ylva Role of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Subsistence Agroecosystems in the Semi-Arid Tropics of Zimbabwe PhD Roger Koide
2004 Castillo Gonzalez, Hugo Microbial Ecology of Biofilms in Swine Wastewater Treatment Systems for Odor Abatement PhD Mary Ann Bruns
2004 Dauer, Joseph Long-Distance Wind Dispersal of Horseweed Conyza canadensis L.Seed MS Dave Mortensen
2004 Fei, Song Lin Early Development of Mixed-Oak Forest Stands PhD Kim Steiner
2004 Kaeser, Adam Ecological Components of Whirling Disease (Mxyobolus cerebralis) among Wild Trout Populations in Pennsylvania PhD Bill Sharpe
2004 Rubbo, Jennifer The Effects of the Invasive Species, Reed Canary-Grass (Phalaris arundinacea) on the Germination and Growth of Native Riparian Tree Species MS Robert Brooks
2004 Tonegawa, Masami Use of Peroxidase-Containing Plant Material for the Decontamination of Wastewater and Deodorization of Animal Wastes PhD Jerzy Dec
2003 Conklin, Angela Macroinvertebrate Communities as Biological Indicators of Condition in Pennsylvania Depressional Wetlands MS Robert Brooks
2003 Schoss, Anya Indices of Biotic Integrity as Indicators of Stream Condition at the National Guard Training Center, Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania MS Bill Sharpe
2002 Ellis, Alicia M. Predicting Population Response to Climate Change: Implications for the Dynamics and Stability of Wolves on Isle Royale MS  
2002 Kauffman, Misty E. Stand Dynamics Following a Tornado in an Oak-Dominated Forest in the Allegheny National Forest, Forest County, Pennsylvania MS  
2002 Laughlin, Daniel C. Limestone Prairies and the Threatened Grass, Bouteloua curtipendula, in Pennsylvania MS  
2002 Morgan, Robert Assessing a New Biomonitoring Technology Using the Freshwater Bivalve Elliptio complanata MS  
2002 Novak, Kristopher J. Ozone Air Pollution and Foliar Injury Development on Native Forest Plants of Switzerland MS  
2002 Phillips, Emily E. Brook Trout and Associated Fish Species as Indicators of Episodic Stream Acidification MS  
2002 Roen, Keely T. Habitat Use and Feeding Behavior of Avian Scavengers in Gettysburg National Military Park MS  
2002 Scheffler, Pamela Y. Dung Beetle (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) Ecology in the Intact and Modified Landscape of Eastern Amazonia PhD  
2001 Bergquist, Derk C. Life History Characteristics and Habitat-Structuring by Vestimentiferan Tubeworms from Gulf of Mexico Cold Seeps PhD  
2001 Gerwing, Jeffery J. Liana Ecology and Management in the Eastern Amazon PhD  
2001 Joyce, Brian J. Scaling Physiological Processes in Trees PhD  
2001 Keller, Gregory S. Community Structure and Distributional Patterns of Avifauna in Isolated Deciduous-Forest Patches in South-Central Pennsylvania PhD  
2001 Mahaney, Wendy M. Impacts of Human-Mediated Stressors on Wetland Plant Community Development MS  
2001 Plowden, J. Campbell The Ecology, Management and Marketing of Non-Timber Forest Products in the Alto Rio Guama Indigenous Reserve (Eastern Brazilian Amazon) PhD  
2001 Rodewald, Paul G. Ecology and Behavior of Migratory Songbirds during Stopover Periods PhD  
2001 Schaub, Marcus Interactions between Soil Moisture and Ozone on Three Hardwood Tree Species PhD  
2001 Sheffer, Eric A. Energy Conservation and Food Production in Local Food Systems MS  
2001 Tzilkowski, Caleb J. Humans Versus Fishes as Samplers of Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Communities: Implications for Current and Historical Biomonitoring MS  
2001 Walk, Seth T. Competition between Two Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli Strains in Two Harsh Environments MS  
2000 Bishop, Joseph A. Associations between avian functional guild response and regional landscape properties for conservation planning MS  
2000 Del Corso, Ellyn Joan Effects of Manganese-Laden mine drainage on stream macroinvertebrates MS  
2000 Flanary, Elizabeth A. Spatial and temporal changes in macroinvertegrate and fish assemblages in the upper Delaware River in the vicinity of a landfill near Narrowsburg, New York MS  
2000 Penrod, Kathy A. T. Ecology of Hay-Scented Fern: Spore Production, Viability and Germination PhD  
2000 Poulton, Jennifer L. Effects of Mycorrhizal Infection and Soil Phosphorus Availability on the Male Function of Reproduction in Lycopersicon esculentum Mill PhD  
2000 Redman, Ahnya M. Induced Defense in Two Solanaceous Plants, Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) and Eastern Black Nightshade (Solanum ptycanthum): Costs, Benefits, and Ecological Consequences PhD  
2000 Rodewald, Amanda Dumin The influences of Landscape composition on forest bird communities PhD  
2000 Stecko, Timothy D. Shape Analysis of Fish Scales of the Families Centrarchidae and Percidae (Teleostei) Native to Pennsylvania MS  
2000 Urban, Christopher Allen Early Ecosystem development in created wetlands of Northwestern New York MS  
2000 Walrath, David Carlton Multiscale analysis of Avian distributions in Pennsylvania MS  
2000 Ward, Rachel Tracy Community composition and successional trends in Gulf of Mexico upper Louisiana slope seep Vestimentiferan Communities MS  
1999 Bennett, Robin J. Examination of macroinvertebrate communities and development of an Invertebrate Community Index (ICI) for central Pennsylvania wetlands MS  
1999 Blackburn, Timothy E. Bat community ecology of Canoe Creek State Park with an emphasis on Myotis MS  
1999 Dunmore, Daniel Edward The effect of Hematophagous Ectoparasites on the Hematology and Morphology of the Eastern Blue Bird (Siallia sialis), House Wren (Troglodytes aedon) and Tree Swallow (Tachycineta biocolor) MS  
1999 Johnson, Glen D. Landscape Pattern analysis for Assessing Ecosystem Condition: Development of a multi-resolution method and application to Watershed- delineated landscapes in Pennsylvania Ph.D  
1999 Kaeser, Adam Jude The influence of acidic runoff episodes on slimy sculpin reproduction MS  
1999 Leary, Adrian Temporal and spatial dynamics of predator/prey relationships in a potato agroecosystem MS  
1999 Mangan, Brian P. The influence of flow on habitat use by fish in a large river PhD  
1999 O'Connell, Timothy John Bird Communities in the Mid-Atlantic High lands: Relationships to landscapes and implications for conservation Ph.D  
1999 Pereira, Henrique S. Common property regimes in Amazonian fisheries PhD  
1999 Reinhardt, Carrie Helen Historical analysis of wetland plant community response to disturbance MS  
1999 Saari, Steven A. Paradise Lost? An examination of the ecological, economic, and educational impacts of the suburban and university landscape MS  
1999 Talbott, Susan C. Temporal and spatial use of diversity cuts by bird communities in two state forests of central Pennsylvania MS  
1999 Vanderheyden, David J. Tropospheric ozone effects on native plans of southern Switzerland: determining exposure/response relationships MS  
1999 Williard, Karl William James Factors affecting stream nitrogen concentrations in mid-Appalachian forested watersheds PhD  
1998 Cochrane, Mark Alan The current and future ecological significance of fire in the eastern Amazon: fire effects and feedbacks in tropical lowland forest PhD  
1998 Dolte, Shannon James Effects of episodic stream acidification on wild brook trout distribution in Stone Run MS  
1998 Giocomo, James John Openings in Contiguous Forest and Reproductive Success of Forest Songbirds MS  
1998 Gray, Ellen Van Snik Effects of species packing and introduction events on resource use by Darters (Teleostei: Percidae) PhD  
1998 Laposata, Matthew M. Effects of treated wastewater effluent irrigation on vernal pond-breeding amphibians PhD  
1998 Lentz, Kendra A. Ecology of endangered northeastern bulrush, Scirpus ancistrochaetus schuyler PhD  
1998 Lieb, David Andrew The effects of urban funoff on the benthic macroinvertebrate community of Thompson Run, Centre County, Pennsylvania MS  
1998 Manyin, Teresa Iron retention and acid neutralization in compost wetland mesocosms treating acid mine drainage MS  
1998 Mertz, Tawna Habitat use by house finches (Carpodacus mexicanus) in central Pennsylvania MS  
1998 Niewinski, Amy Thomas The reproductive Ecology of Japanese Knotweed (polygonum cuspidatum) and giant Knotweed (Polygonum sachalinensis) Seed. MS  
1998 Nord, Andrea Nafziger Ecological effects of municipal biosolids application in reclamation of surface coal mines MS  
1998 Nord, Eric Andrew Agroecosystem nutrient dynamics in a central Pennsylvania watershed MS  
1998 Prosser, Diann Jean Avian use of different Successional stage ponds in Pennsylvania MS  
1998 Swineford, Patricia A. The effects of herbivory by the clover root curculid, Sitona hispidulus (F.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), on nitrogen fixation in alfalfa, (Medicago sativa) MS  
1998 Urban, Margaret M. Species richness of the diatom genus Eunotia associated with habitat type and water chemistry variables in five ecoregions of Pennsylvania MS  
1997 Cipollini, Donald F. The Influence of Induced Alterations in Morphology and Physiology on the Tolerance and Resistance of Plants to Pests PhD  
1997 Dearborn, Jennifer L. Genetic diversity in Rhizobium loti populations among clones of host plant Lotus corniculatus MS  
1997 Ferdinand, Jonathon A. Leaf morphology and physiology in relation to ozone sensitivity of black cherry (Prunus serotina Ehrh.) trees by tree size, genotype, and light environment MS  
1997 Hale, Elisabeth A. An investigation of the utility of feeding angles among Lake Malawi rock-dwelling cichlids (Teleostei: cichlidae) PhD  
1997 Kellogg, Karen A. Lake Malawi cichlid mating systems: factors that influence mate selection PhD  
1997 Kulakowski, Dominik W. Sustainability and The Pennsylvania State University: A Case Study in Urban Ecology MS  
1997 Mangan, Brian Patrick The influence of flow on habitat use by fish in a large river. PhD  
1997 Skaggs, Jennifer D. Genetic Diversity in Rhizobium loti Populations Among Clones of Host Plant Lotus corniculatus MS  
1997 Suomi, Laura J. Effects of red pine needles and red pine needle components on the growth of several species of Ectomycorrhizal fungi MS  
1997 Wardrop, Denice Heller The occurrence and impact of sedimentation in central Pennsylvania wetlands PhD  
1997 Xu, Zhenkang Variability in the morphology, ecology, toxicology, and genetics of Colpoda infala from five biogeographic realms, and its application in environmental assessment and bioremediation PhD  
1996 Campbell, Deborah Ann Comparing the performance of created wetlands to natural reference wetlands: a spatial and temporal analysis MS  
1996 Joly, Kyle Mammalian biodiversity in Pennsylvania at the USEPA 635 square kilometer hexagonal scale MS  
1996 Lewis, Amy R. Effects of forest management on abundance and distribution of eastern towhees in central Pennsylvania MS  
1996 Ross, Bradley D Associations between habitat and bird variables using geographic information systems and avian data MS  
1995 Agnew-Lyon, Johnathan The impact of soils, herbaceous competition, and siol liming on the growth and nutrition of northern red oak (Quercus rubra L.) Seedlings. PhD  
1995 Balczon, Joseph M. Feeding ecology of two surface-associated algivorous protozoa PhD  
1995 Crutchfield, Tracy M. Conservation and Consequence: Tenure, Inheritance, and Conservation MS  
1995 Floyd, Albert E. Top-Down and Bottom-Up Impacts on Creosotebush Herbivores PhD  
1995 Kepner, Raymond L., Jr. Investigations of surface-associated bacterial and protozoan populations in laboratory systems PhD  
1995 Kouterick, Kyle B. Comparisons of foliar injury, leaf gas exchange, and biomass response to ozone among black cherry (Prunus serotina) genotypes MS  
1995 Leskey, Tracy C. Influence of flowering of Acer saccharum Marsh on reproduction of Taeniothrips inconsequens (Uzel) (Thysanoptera: thripidae) MS  
1995 Pickens, Callie Jo Early Indicators of Acidification: A whole watershed approach to studying forest response to additions of Nitrogen and Sulfer. PhD  
1995 VerÝssimo, Adalberto Zoning of logging in the Brazilian Amazon: a test case using Parß State MS  
1994 Aiello, Christine R. Use of a sludge-fly ash mixture as a substitute for topsoil to vegetate steep coal refuse banks MS  
1994 Balcom, Betsie J. Microhabitat and landscape characteristics associated with Allegheny woodrat (Neotoma magister) sites in Pennsylvania MS  
1994 Bishel, Laurie Soil properties of natural reference wetlands and wetland mitigation projects in Pennsylvania MS  
1994 DeLong, Colleen Anna Relative abundance of small mammals and seed predation on planted acorns in three forest treatments in central Pennsylvania MS  
1994 Eddy, David P. Treatment of acid mine water using a sequential cell simulated wetland: A mesocosm experiment MS  
1994 Glackin, Marie E. Effects of acidification on algal assemblages in temporary ponds: a multilevel study MS  
1994 Goslee, Sarah C. Plant indicators of wetland hydrology in central Pennsylvania MS  
1994 Horne, Michael T. Metals as potential limiting factors for amphibians which breed in temporary ponds PhD  
1994 Hurst, Deanna M. Ecological classification and gradient analysis in the Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia MS  
1994 McGuinness, Barbara J. Consensus Building and Biodiversity: Tools for Conservation MS  
1994 Penrod, Kathy A. Distribution, dispersal and abundance of hayscented fern spores in mixed hardwood stands MS  
1994 Sandifer, Elisabeth Incidence of Ozone-Induced Foliar Injury on Sensitive Hardwood Species in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, 1991-1992 MS  
1994 Simpkins, Micheal Arthur Ecology of Hydrocarbon Seep Vestimentiferans: Growth and Condition in a Variable Environment MS  
1994 White, Laura R. Identification of freshwater mussel glochidia on host fishes from French Creek, Pennsylvania, using molecular techniques PhD  
1993 Audley, Douglas E. Evaluation of crown condition and nutrient status of red spruce (Picea rubens) (Sarg) in West Virginia MS  
1993 Bowers, Nancy J. A revision of the Genus Melanochromis (Teleostei: cichlidae) from Lake Malawi, Africa, using morphological and molecular techniques PhD  
1993 Fink, Michelle M. An artificial intelligence software system as a preliminary research tool in landscape ecology and biodiversity MS  
1993 Quesada, Mauricio Genetic and Environmental Factors that Affect Pollen Performance and Progeny Vigor PhD  
1993 Subler, Scott Emerson Mechanisms of nutrient retention and recycling in a chronosequence of Amazonian agroforestry systems: comparisons with natural forest ecosystems PhD  
1993 Tarutis, William John, Jr. Iron and manganese diagenesis in constructed wetlands receiving mine drainage PhD  
1993 Wohl, Neil Eric An ecological assessment of sediment loads from three streams in the spring creek basin, Centre County, Pennsylvania. MS  
1991 Balczon, Joseph M. A comparison of the responses of two microecosystems to copper stress MS  
1991 D'Silva, Elizabeth Tara Effects of liming on the colonization of benthic macroinvertebrates in two acidic streams in central Pennsylvania MS  
1991 Friday, Martin A Growth and survival of the pumpkinseed (Lepomis gibbosus) in an acidified lake MS  
1991 Grippo, Richard S. Net body ion loss from aquatic organisms as an indicator of acid and metal toxicity of coal mine polluted streams PhD  
1991 McKenna, Ilda Melo Effects of plant zinc and plant species on plant cadmium bioavailability to animals PhD  
1991 Miller, Joseph N. Landscape patterns and biotic community characteristics MS  
1991 Orwig, David A. Age structure and composition of successional forests of Spotsylvania Battlefield, Virginia MS  
1991 Pickens, Callie Jo Response of red oak and red maple seedlings to simulated acid precipitation, soil acidification, and deer browsing MS  
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