The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Physiological ecology

Faculty in the Ecology graduate program with research interests in Physiological ecology

Marc Abrams
Professor of Forest Ecology and Physiology

Community, historical and physiological ecology of tree species; global change biology.

Paul Bartell
Associate Professor of Avian Biology

The regulation of biological clocks in birds at the systems level.

David Eissenstat
Professor of Woody Plant Physiology, Department of Ecosystem Science and Management

Plant physiological ecology, ecosystem ecology, climate change biology, root and soil ecology.

Charles Fisher
Professor of Biology

Physiological and community ecology of deep sea hydrothermal vent and cold seep fauna.

James Marden
Professor of Biology
Director of Operations, Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Physiological ecology, functional genomics, evolutionary ecology, and behavior.

David Mortensen
Professor of Weed Ecology / Biology

Studies the ecology (dispersal and establishment) and management of weedy and invasive plants. The group conducts research and develops policy on... Read more