The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Community ecology

Faculty in the Ecology graduate program with research interests in Community ecology

Tomas Carlo
Associate Professor of Biology

Seed dispersal processes; bird behavior; plant invasions; tropical ecology; parasitic plants

Patrick Drohan
Associate Professor of Pedology

Soil formation and biogeochemistry due to land use and ecosystem change; soil and water degradation, and the remediation of soil physical and... Read more

Charles Fisher
Professor of Biology

Physiological and community ecology of deep sea hydrothermal vent and cold seep fauna.

Sarah Goslee
Research Associate

Landscape diversity in agricultural areas; Taxonomic and functional diversity and grassland management; Multivariate and spatial analysis for... Read more

Tracy Langkilde
Associate Professor of Biology

Population and community ecology: how the nature of interactions between species can shift over time, in response to changes in the environment and... Read more

Jennifer Macalady
Associate Professor of Geosciences

Microbial ecology; microbial role in weathering and soil processes; controls on microbial diversity; ecological interactions in microbially dominated... Read more

Eric Post
Professor of Biology

Climate change and its effects on life history traits and population and community dynamics.

Alan Taylor
Professor of Geography

Vegetation dynamics; fire and climate variation on community development; environmental conservation.

John Tooker
Assistant Professor

Plant-insect interactions, tritrophic interactions, chemical ecology, plant defenses, population and community ecology, agroecosystems, natural-enemy... Read more

Denice Wardrop
Senior Research Associate
Associate Professor of Geography and Ecology

Impacts of human disturbance on wetlands; plant community dynamics; theoretical applied ecology; landscape analysis.