The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Climate change

Faculty in the Ecology graduate program with research interests in Climate change

Iliana Baums
Associate Professor of Biology

Molecular ecology and evolution of reef invertebrates.

Patrick Drohan
Associate Professor of Pedology

Soil formation and biogeochemistry due to land use and ecosystem change; soil and water degradation, and the remediation of soil physical and... Read more

David Eissenstat
Professor of Woody Plant Physiology, Department of Ecosystem Science and Management

Plant physiological ecology, ecosystem ecology, climate change biology, root and soil ecology.

Jason Kaye
Professor of Soil Biogeochemistry
Chair, Intercollege Graduate Degree Program in Ecology

Ecosystem ecology; global change biology; biogeochemistry of nitrogen and carbon cycling in managed and unmanaged ecosystems.

Margot Kaye
Associate Professor of Forest Ecology

Vegetation dynamics; global change ecology; interactions among vegetation, climate and human land use; dendrochronology; disturbance history;... Read more

David Mortensen
Professor of Weed Ecology / Biology

Studies the ecology (dispersal and establishment) and management of weedy and invasive plants. The group conducts research and develops policy on... Read more

Eric Post
Professor of Biology

Climate change and its effects on life history traits and population and community dynamics.

Erica Smithwick
Professor of Geography

Landscape and ecosystem ecology. Disturbance ecology & disturbance synergies. Ecosystem simulation models. Climate change and ecosystem carbon... Read more

Ken Tamminga
Professor of Landscape Architecture

Ecological restoration and design; climate change adaptation in marginalized social-ecological systems; urban ecology.

Alan Taylor
Professor of Geography

Vegetation dynamics; fire and climate variation on community development; environmental conservation.

Denice Wardrop
Senior Research Associate
Associate Professor of Geography and Ecology

Impacts of human disturbance on wetlands; plant community dynamics; theoretical applied ecology; landscape analysis.