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SARI (Scholastic and Research Integrity) is an ethics course required of all graduate students.

SARI (Scholastic and Research Integrity) is an ethics course with 2 components.  The instructional component is taught as part of required Ecology course Advances in Ecology (ECLGY 515).  The online portion must be completed independently.

The online SARI course is found at this website:  Choose the "Responsible Conduct of Research" test and the "Biomedical" option.  The test takes about 20-30 hours to complete and can be taken in advance of or simultaneously with ECLGY 515.  Students should inform the ECLGY 515 instructor and the program assistant when they have completed this online course.


All Ph.D. and Master’s students need to successfully complete the online component of the SARI (Scholastic and Research Integrity) course during their first semester of study.