The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Minor in Ecology

Requirements for Masters or PhD students in other degree programs who wish to minor in Ecology

Thinking of an Ecology minor?

Students interested in an Ecology Minor should contact the Program Chair. An application form used by the Program Chair to notify the Graduate School of a student's intent to declare a minor is available from the Program Office.




Masters students

Six credits are required for an MS Minor. All 6 credits must be met by selecting one course from two of the three Core Areas. See the list of required courses.


PhD students

15 credits are required for a PhD Minor in Ecology. A PhD student must take one course from each of the three Core Areas; the additional credits should be ecologically-oriented courses and are selected in consultation with the Chair of the Ecology Program. See the list of required courses.


All students

Coursework for a minor is in addition to coursework for a major: you cannot select courses in your major as courses to fulfill the minor requirements. For example, a student whose major is Wildlife and Fisheries Science and who wishes to minor in Ecology cannot use Wildlife and Fisheries Science courses for the Ecology minor.