The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

How to apply

Information on applying to the CBIOS Training Grant

Interested students should submit their applications in response to the request for proposal. The next call for applications will be issued in the late spring semester.

Admission and eligibility

The admission to the training program is competitive.

Of the three positions available, two are limited to US citizens or permanent residents and some are available to international students.

To be eligible, you will need to be enrolled for a doctoral degree in one of the participating graduate programs and apply to the training program during the fall semester.

Applicants from other PSU graduate programs will be able to participate in the training without CBIOS funding.

Training and funding

Training begins from the spring semester.

Selected trainees will be supported for a period of two years as a part of their graduate program.

The continued funding for the second year is subject to making satisfactory progress.


Interested individuals should submit  application , a nomination letter from a CBIOS training faculty and a supporting letter from the Program Chair of their graduate program. Additional recommendation letter from a Penn State faculty is optional.  

All application materials should be submitted by email to .  

Please contact Cooduvalli Shashikant for further information.