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For many scientists, teaching others is a passion. Whether the teaching is done in the classroom with large groups or perhaps in a more one-on-one setting, there are many ways to continually improve your teaching skills. Even if you don't want to have a career in academia, being able to teach others is a skill you can use in almost any career path you choose as you will almost always be some kind of mentor. Look through these resources to help you build on this valuable skill!



Campus resources:



Off-campus resources:



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  • TA for a class in your adviser's home department
  • Talk with your adviser about mentoring a high school or undergraduate student in your lab
  • Participate in a journal club (e.g. the Immunology journal club) or start your own journal club
  • Get involved with outreach events with student organizations you are part of or with the Eberly College of Science
  • Talk with your adviser, other mentors, or professors you have had in the past for advice about teaching
  • Read through evaluations you get back from students when you do teach to improve
  • Observe other's teaching styles
  • Keep a teaching portfolio with copies of syllabi, exams, assignments, and student evaluations
  • Write your teaching philosophy