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Preparing for job interviews

You're about to graduate and you submitted such an impressive cover letter and CV/resume, that your potential future employer has contacted you about an interview. Job interviews are most often thought of as in-person, but quite often, employers will first have you do a phone or Skype interview. No matter what environment your interview is in, this is the time to demonstrate all of the skills you outlined on that resume/CV that got you the interview in the first place, especially your interpersonal or "soft" skills. The best advice for going into an interview? Prepare, prepare, prepare! These resources will help you do that.



Campus resources:



Online resources:




  • Interested in academia? See job interviews in real-time by attending job talks in your department
  • Ask to serve on your department's recruitment committee to see what the interview process is like first-hand
  • Practice, practice, practice!
  • Preparation is key!
    • Research the employer, the main players, and who you will be interviewing with (yes, it's okay to ask!).
    • If interviewing for an industry position, know the products the company makes.
    • Know about any recent news affecting the employer.
    • Be able to express your skill sets in terms of how they will specifically fit the employer's needs
    • Be prepared for both theoretical (problem solving ability and thinking styles) and behavior-based (predicting your future behavior based on past experiences) interview questions
  • Be prepared to not only talk to hiring managers/future bosses but also people from human resources and your potential future peers
  • Talk with fellow graduate students who may have recently gone through or are currently going through the job interview process