The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Graduate Training in Integrative Physiology for the 21st Century Biomedical Workforce

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An NIH-funded (T32) interdisciplinary training program focused on physiological adaptations to stress to prepare students to address important research questions related to human health and disease. The program also emphasizes training in the skill sets necessary to understand business, legal, and regulatory issues that shape the key milestones in the emerging biomedical science pathway.


Here, we combine traditional physiological (animal and human), genomic, cellular, and molecular approaches and partner them with exposure to cutting edge bioinformatic technologies to better prepare students for emerging careers in the science and biotech industries. The training program is based on an inter-disciplinary curriculum focused on developing skill sets necessary for entry into the 21st century biomedical workforce. Faculty trainers are associated with the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences through the Colleges of Agricultural Sciences, Engineering, Health and Human Development, Medicine, and Science.