The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Requirements for Statistical Genomics Program Option

The focus of the Statistical Genomics Option is to train students on the principles and applications of advanced statistical techniques, from experimental design, to data processing, to statistical inference, visualization, and the use of statistical programming tools.

BG Faculty affiliated with the option are listed here.

Admission Requirements:

Students are admitted to the option after successfully completing the following:

  • The first year curriculum of the Bioinformatics and Genomics program

  • Three research rotations, of which at least two must be with the faculty affiliated with the option

  • The candidacy examination

Required Courses

  • STAT 501 Regression Methods (3) or STAT 511 Regression Analysis and Modeling (3)

  • STAT 557 Data Mining (3)

Electives (select two):

  • STAT 414 Introduction to Probability Theory (3)

  • STAT 415 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (3)

  • STAT 416 Stochastic Modeling (3)

  • STAT 502 Analysis of Variance (3)

  • STAT 504 Analysis of Discrete Data (3)

  • STAT 505 Applied Multivariate Analysis (3)

  • STAT 540 Statistical Computing (3)