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Researchers encouraged to write for The Conversation and The Scientist

Online publications featuring articles by faculty and graduate researchers are an excellent avenue for additional external publicity and promotion.

The Conversation

What types of stories are we looking for?

The Conversation focuses on three priority areas:

  • timely, evidence-based analysis of issues making the news, such as new research or peer-reviewed FactChecks;

  • timeless, plain English ‘explainers’ of complex issues;

  • in-depth series or specials.

Before pitching, please consider a keyword search to read what we’ve published on your topic.

Can you write for The Conversation?

Are you currently employed as a researcher or academic with a university or research institution?

Or, if you’re a student, are you a PhD candidate?

Sign up at

The Scientist

How to pitch us stories

The Scientist’s editors are always looking for writers who can contribute enterprising reporting to tell the stories of life science around the world. If you are an active researcher who would like to reach our tens of thousands of scientist readers, we welcome your Opinion or Feature article ideas.

Scientist-authored Opinion or Feature articles

We welcome Opinion and Feature article ideas from those working in life science. Online opinions typically run about 700 words, whereas Critic At Large articles (opinions which appear in print) can run anywhere from 700-1,200 words, or more. Feature articles typically run about 2,500-3,000 words, and tell critically important or otherwise compelling stories about advances in life science research.

If you have an idea for an Opinion, send your pitch to

If you are an active researcher and would like to work with our editors and illustrators to develop a Feature article, e-mail your ideas to Senior Editor Jef Akst: