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Macromolecular X-ray Crystallography and Automated Biological Calorimetry Facilities Newsletter Summer 2015

Auto-ITC 200 gets a system upgrade VP-Cap DSC has a new heater Next free training sessions for auto ITC, DSC and CD is scheduled for Sept. 24, 2015

1.  The automated Isothermal titration calorimeter has just received an upgrade

The auto ITC200 has just received a system upgrade.

A full preventative maintenance was also conducted on the equipment and the instrument is performing solidly.  ITC is a thermodynamic technique that directly measures the heat released or absorbed during a biomolecular binding event. ITC provides accurate determination of binding affinity (Kd), stoichiometry (n), enthalpy (ΔH) and entropy (ΔS).



2.  VP-Cap Differential Scanning Calorimeter has a new heater

The cap-VP DSC has just gone through a complete overhaul at the factory.  The Peltier heater for the cells was replaced and both cells were thoroughly cleaned and recalibrated.  Users have remarked that the data looks sharper and the equipment is more sensitive than ever.  



3.  Don’t miss out on the next training opportunity at the Automated Biological Calorimetry Facility

The next free training session for auto ITC and DSC is (Sept. 24, 1pm-3pm).You will be instructed on proper sample preparation techniques, how to use the “Design of Experiments” feature in the software in order to achieve optimal concentrations, as well as how to set up your experiments using the 96 well tray on the fully automated equipment.  Contact Julia Fecko ( in order to sign up for the next session. CD spectroscopy training (Sept. 24 10:30am-12pm).



4.  Research Underway


  • Seung-Yi Lee (Cremer) is using DSC in order to investigate the effects of osmolytes on thermoresponsive model polypeptides. This thermoresponsive peptide polymer folds upon temperature increase and this phenomenon is analogous to cold denaturation. The model peptides are elastin-like proteins that consist of pentapeptide repeats which are much simpler than real proteins. Experiments were conducted using a V5 type which is not charged. Osmolytes used were TMAO, betaine and glycine that contains methyl groups and C-O functional group. The DSC was used to investigate whether these osmolytes would favorably interact with the polypeptides upon folding by increasing temperature and by measuring enthalpy change.
  • Declan Evans (Showalter) is using the DSC to determine an appropriate temperature range for his study of the interactions of TRBP with double stranded RNA.
  • Kate O’Rourke (Boehr) Used DSC to compare thermal profiles of wildtype and 3 other proteins, A71G, A198G and A216G
  • Adrienne Green (Sandia National Laboratories) Used DSC to confirm if there was any unfolding of microtubules, tubulin proteins and f-actin in the lower 30-40°C range.


Auto ITC200

  • Kate O’Rourke (Boehr) is using the ITC to study the binding of tryptophan synthase subunits. The Boehr lab have identified a long-range network of amino acids in the alpha subunit that, when perturbed by alanine to glycine substitutions, hinder catalysis. The ITC is being used to help understand how these small perturbations impacts the binding of the alpha to the beta subunits in an effort to eventually understand the impact of inter-subunit communication.


5.  Facility acknowledged in publications

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Recent co-authored publications

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6.  Contact us

If you would like to sign up for free user-training on ITC, DSC, CD or Phoenix crystallography robot, contact director Neela Yennawar, PhD 814-863-9387 or research technician, Julia Fecko 814-865-8068. We will be happy to schedule free hands-on training.