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Genomics Core Facility acquires PacBio Sequel DNA Sequencer

The Penn State Genomics Core Facility at University Park has recently upgraded its capabilities with the acquisition of a PacBio Sequel DNA sequencer.
PacBio Sequel

PacBio Sequel

The Sequel uses Single Molecule Real Time (SMRT) technology to produce long reads, uniform coverage, and high consensus accuracy. The Sequel’s 10-20 kb reads are ideal for de novo sequencing of genomes, full length transcript sequencing, and sequencing of long amplicons, and its SMRT sequencing can also be used for epigenetic analysis by directly detecting DNA base modifications using polymerase kinetics.

The capabilities of the Sequel will complement the short read sequencing applications currently performed on the Facility’s Illumina HiSeq 2500 and Illumina MiSeq.


If you are interested in having samples sequenced on the Sequel, please contact Craig Praul at

Additional information

More information about the PacBio Sequel is available at