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Announcing fall 2016 schedule for CMOST Action Club: Interactive seminars in motor control and coordination

The Center for Movement Science and Technology (CMOST) is excited to announce the fall 2016 schedule of speakers for the Action Club: Interactive seminars in motor control and coordination.

The Action Club




Interactive Seminars in Motor Control and Coordination





Starting Time: Fridays, 3:45 p.m.

Meeting Place: 127 Noll Conference Room


List of Speakers for Fall  2016


September 9

Yanxi Liu, Penn State University

September 23

CMOST Workshop: Richard Nichols, Tim Cope, Georgia Tech University,

and Thomas Roberts, Brown University

September 30

Marco Santello, Arizona State University

October 14

Andrew Spence, Temple University

October 28

Rick Gilmore, Penn State University

December 2

Eric Perrault, Northwestern University



The seminar will provide a forum for in-depth discussions of issues on motor control and coordination. It is interdisciplinary in nature, perspectives ranging from biomechanics, neurophysiology, motor control, psychology to philosophy. The sessions are aimed to be informal and highly interactive with no preset time limits. Speakers will have 10 minutes of uninterrupted presenting time. Thereafter, they may and should be interrupted whenever questions arise. After the meeting there will be a gathering in honor of the speaker. Graduate students are encouraged to attend and to participate.