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October 2019

Andrew's Angle

A message from the Director of the Huck Institutes

Communication is critical to Huck’s mission of collaborative, impactful discovery. Because, let’s face it. Scientific discovery is nothing but self-gratification if stakeholders don’t know about it...

Andrew Read

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The Symbiotic Podcast - Episode 2: "Bugs vs. Drugs: How many Antibiotics should we take?"

In this episode, Cole and his guests discuss a unique, collaborative research project that brought together experts in infectious disease and communications to explore appropriate interventions for reducing the threat of antibiotic resistance. Through a collaboration with Penn State's Student Health Services, a Big 10 campus became a living laboratory for the first stages of this innovative and important experiment. 

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Sally Mackenzie’s Vision for the Future of Plants

Sally Mackenzie has a bold and daring vision for Penn State’s new Plant Institute. As the inaugural director for the unit, which launched in September 2019, she intends to demonstrate the university’s unique capacities to holistically address some of the most daunting challenges facing humanity over the next 50 years...

Sally Mackenzie

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On The Rise

Jasna Kovac is Safeguarding Your Shopping Cart

Food. It’s one of those things that connects us all. From jet-set billionaires to slum-dwelling street urchins, everyone needs to eat. Yet, in our modern, technocratic, globalized world, very few people have a direct relationship with the production of the food they need to survive...

Jasna Kovac

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Keith Hickey is Our Man on the Scene

Congratulations to Keith Hickey, this month’s recipient of the Huck staff Kudos award. Keith’s job title is “marketing specialist,” which is pretty ironic for a guy who wears so many hats and does so many different things...

Keith Hickey

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Media Mentions in September 2019


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