Kudos: Jean Pierce Sets the Record(s) Straight

Jean Pierce

Congratulations to senior records specialist Jean Pierce, the first recipient of our revamped Huck staff Kudos program. Though Jean works far from the limelight, her tireless dedication to our graduate students is critically important to the daily functioning of the Huck. 

A record specialist’s work is never done. There are applications to process, campus visit schedules to arrange, orientation materials to prepare, and student handbooks to update.

Not to mention exam paperwork to wrangle and thesis defenses to schedule.

Even under “normal” circumstances, Jean’s daily task list is daunting.

But this past year, Jean’s already manic workday got even busier. With one colleague out on extended leave with a broken ankle and another working with a broken thumb, Jean stepped up her game to keep everything moving smoothly. And she kept a smile on her face. 

“With new grad student orientation, there's quite a bit of extra work to do above and beyond normal responsibilities,” said Jean’s colleague, administrative support assistant Carla Rogers. “It's not just an extra hour of work here and there—it's many hours over weeks.”  

“The grad office has been under the gun this season, and Jean has risen to the occasion without ever losing her cool. She’s truly an inspiration!” said Jean’s supervisor, Graduate Program Coordinator Dana Coval-Dinant. 

The Huck Kudos program is designed to recognize these kinds of outstanding staff efforts, awarding the recipients with an extra day off work. Each month moving forward, kudos will be collected from anyone in the Huck who wants to recognize a staff member going above and beyond the call of duty. The person who receives the most kudos for the month will be recognized in The Pulse newsletter and awarded a day off.

To send in your kudos for someone’s job well done, email your positive comments to Laura Drew:

Laura Drew

Facilities Administrative Assistant