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February 14 - Science 
"Seventy years ago, humans unleashed a killer virus on rabbits. Here's how they beat it"

February 14 - Onward State
"Pink LEDs And Cacao Plants: Touring A Plant Science Greenhouse"

February 12 - WITF
"How will artificial intelligence affect the job market?"

February 12 - Bright Side
"7 Diets That Can Make You More Fit in One Month"

February 8 - The New York Times 
"Aboriginal Hunters’ Fires Help Restore an Australian Desert"

February 8 - Forbes
"No, Mr. President, Your Skin Color Is Not The Result Of 'Good Genes'"

February 5 - Public Radio International 
"What the US could learn from Slovenia about protecting bees"

February 5 - MyFitnessPal
"3 Simple Eating Tweaks That May Help With Weight Loss"

February 1 - Global Citizen 
"Anti-Vaxxer Propaganda Is Dominating Social Media Searches, Report Finds"




December 27 - Digital Trends
"Scientists create a way to make more breathable 3D-printed tissues"

December 18 - Brightsurf
"Low-income, rural kids at higher risk for second- or third-hand smoke exposure"

December 17 - Bensalem Times
"Broadening Their Minds: Bensalem High School’s PJAS partners with Penn State for advanced experiment"

December 15 - Big Ten Network
"Penn State professor Nina Jablonski studies the science of skin color: BTN LiveBIG"

December 13 - CNN
"Asian tick that clones itself could spread fast and far in the US, study says"

December 10 - The Missoulian
"MSU project to prevent bat-borne diseases wins $10 million grant"

December 10 - The Atlantic
"City Frogs Are the Sexiest Frogs"

December 9 - Romper
"Kids With Regular Bedtimes Might Be Healthier As Teens, According To New Research"

December 6 - National Institutes of Health
"Low-income, rural kids at higher risk for second- or third-hand smoke exposure"

December 5 - Town&Gown
"The Huck tackles humanity's pressing questions"

December 5 -
"Montana State-led research project wins $10 million grant to prevent bat-borne diseases"

December 5 - Mother Nature Network
"Ecologists share their passion for nature in these winning images"

December 4 - Daily Beast
"Blame Anti-Vaxxer Parents for the Next Measles Outbreak"

December 4 - The Guardian
"Capturing Ecology: British Ecological Society photo competition – in pictures"

December 4 - USAgNet
"Grant Supports Research to Combat White-Nose Syndrome in Bats"

December 3 - Science News
"These new tweezers let scientists do biopsies on living cells"

October 30 - Futurity
"Germs Dodge Immune Defenses With DNA-Building Enzymes"

October 29 - Vogue Paris
"How to make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D"

October 26 - Mongabay
"Machine-learning app to fight invasive crop pest in Africa"

October 26 - Inquisitr
"The Reason Behind This Year’s Lack Of Color In Autumn Foliage"

October 25 - Accuweather
"What’s behind the lack of color in autumn foliage across parts of Northeast?"

October 25 - The Berkshire Eagle
"Via nor'easter, region might be inching closer to coating of snow"

October 23 - Science Daily
"Football players' concussions linked to dyslexia gene"

October 22 - The Altoona Mirror
"Leaf Colors Fall Flat"

October 21 - The New York Times
"From Agriculture to Art — the A.I. Wave Sweeps In"

October 19 - Nature
"Maize cob from prehistoric village reveals record-setting virus"

October 18 - EurekAlert!
"Pathogens may evade immune response with metal-free enzyme required for DNA replication"

October 15 - USAgNet
"Seed Grants to Support Opioid Research"

October 10 - Lab Manager
"Sartorius Stedim Biotech and Penn State University Announce Partnership"

October 9 - TheSpec
"Could the bacteria in a child’s mouth predict obesity?"

October 9 - APN News
"Discovery helps fight against drug-resistant Tuberculosis"

October 2 - Wired
"Crawling Dead: How Ants Turn Into Zombies"

October 2 - TribLIVE
"Fall colors expected to be later, duller than usual"

October 1 - AccuWeather
"Longer Summers And Irregular Weather Could Harm Breathtaking Autumn Foliage"

September 27 - Lancaster Online
"Still green: Pennsylvania issues first foliage report; forestry expert warns colors this year could be late, muted"

September 25 - Bustle
"Childhood Asthma Is Linked To Developing Anxiety As An Adult, According To New Research In Mice"

September 23 - Lancaster Online
"Is it okay to stock hatchery-raised brook trout over wild trout? Study has no clear-cut answers"

September 21 - UPI
"Mouth bacteria in toddlers may predict obesity, study says"

September 20 - National Science Foundation
"Few hatchery brook trout genes present in Pennsylvania watershed wild fish"

September 20 - Health Medicine Network
"Swabbing a child’s mouth for bacteria could predict how likely they are to become obese"

September 19 - Futurity
"Family's 'Genetic Background' Sheds Light On Autism Symptoms

September 19 - Newsweek
"Your Child's Mouth Could Reveal Their Obesity Risk

September 19 - Nature
"Child Weight Gain Trajectories Linked To Oral Microbiota Composition"

September 15 - Scientific American
"Searching for Chocolate’s Roots, and Enemies, in Colombia’s Wilderness"

September 14 - Scientific American
"The Environment’s New Clothes: Biodegradable Textiles Grown from Live Organisms"

September 12 - R&D
"Novel Method of Pinpointing Cancer Mutations Could Lead to More Targeted Treatments"

September 11 - National Geographic
"How Humans Are Messing Up Bee Sex"

September 10 - Gen
"Family Genetics Key to Severity of Autism and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders"

September 7 - The Seattle Times
"A fast-moving future for gene-edited foods"

September 7 - Sci-News
"Pottery Analysis Reveals Earliest Mediterranean Cheese Production 7,200 Years Ago"

September 6 - Yahoo! News
"Scientists find evidence of 7,000 year old cheese in Neolithic villages in Croatia"

September 6 - USA Today
"How long have people loved cheese? 7,200 years, according to a new discovery"

September 5 - National Geographic
"Hints of 7,200-Year-Old Cheese Create a Scientific Stink"

September 5 - National Science Foundation
"Evidence of 7,200-year-old cheese making found on the Dalmatian Coast"

September 3 - Austin American-Statesman
"A fast-moving future for gene-edited foods"