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Infectious Disease Institute

Infectious Disease Institute

Bringing together theoreticians and empirical scientists in a wide variety of disciplines to collaborate and innovate in the area of infectious disease research

Comprising the Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics and the Center for Molecular Immunology and Infectious Disease, the Infectious Disease Institute and its faculty are at the leading edge of infectious disease research at Penn State.

The Institute and its faculty also support the Huck Institutes' Immunology and Infectious Diseases graduate program.

Recent publications
Malaria infection risk influenced by daily temperature variations Identifying areas of malarial infection risk depends more on daily temperature variation than on the average monthly temperatures, according to a team of researchers who believe that their results may also apply to environmentally temperature-dependent organisms other than the malaria parasite.
Flu outbreaks are modeled by a new study of classroom schedules Using high-school schedule data for a community of students, teachers, and staff, Marcel Salathé and Timo Smieszek have developed a low-cost but effective method to determine how to focus disease-control strategies based on which individuals are most likely to spread the infection.
Parasite burden is linked positively to rank in a primate social network Alex Hernandez and a team of researchers find that high-ranking Japanese macaque females are more likely to become key hosts or even "superspreaders" in the transmission of parasites within their social groups.
A new approach for responding to and managing disease outbreaks is being proposed by a team of epidemiologists led by two Penn State researchers at the Huck Institutes. The team's flexible approach could save many lives and millions of dollars. In disease outbreak management, flexibility can save lives and money - Full article
Immunology and Infectious Diseases Ph.D. candidate Emily Finch and faculty researcher Dr. Sandeep Prabhu study relationships between diet and disease. Video profile: Emily Finch & Sandeep Prabhu - Full article
Ecology faculty member and Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics researcher Dr. Matt Ferrari studies long-term trends in childhood infectious diseases. Video profile: Matt Ferrari - Full article
Oct 30, 2014 Thursday 11:00 AM
Firdaus Dhabhar (Stanford University School of Medicine)
A Hassle A Day May Keep The Doctor Away: Protective Versus Harmful Effects Of Stress On Immune Function
Nov 6, 2014 Thursday 11:00 AM
Janice Moore (Colorado State University)
Parasites, Behavior, and Thinking Like a Trematode
Nov 13, 2014 Thursday 11:00 AM
Nilam Ram (Penn State)
Trying to Connect The Leopard's Spots: Using Reaction-Diffusion Models to Study Individuals' Emotion Regulation
Nov 20, 2014 Thursday 11:00 AM
Bobby Reiner (University of California, Davis)
Title to be announced