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Microscopy and Cytometry Facility

Microscopy and Cytometry Facility

Providing services in all aspects of optical and electron microscopy, histology, flow cytometry, and cell sorting

The Facility is specialized in four clusters – optical microscopy, electron microscopy, histology and flow cytometry – equipped with confocal microscopes, research fluorescence microscopes, transmission- and scanning electron microscopes, flow cytometers and a cell sorter, and whose research staff is engaged in experimentation, training, project collaboration and consultation.

To get started using the facility, click on Contact us.  Look under Events for an upcoming Facility Monthly Meeting to begin the training process.

An international team of researchers that includes Huck Institutes affiliates Tom Baker and Missy Hazen has designed decoys that mimic female emerald ash borer beetles and successfully entice male emerald ash borers to land on them in an attempt to mate, only to be electrocuted and killed by high-voltage current. "Femme fatale" emerald ash borer decoy lures and kills males - Full article
The Microscopy & Cytometry Facility recently acquired a state-of-the-art imaging flow cytometer. The Amnis FlowSight is available for pilot projects that benefit from imaging of thousands of fluorescently-labeled cells. Announcing the new imaging flow cytometer - Full article
The Rolls Lab discovers a new neuron repair pathway that could one day help people suffering from nerve damage. Existence of new neuron repair pathway discovered - Full article

Microscopy and Histology Lab

N-032 Millennium Science Complex
Phone: 814-863-0294

Flow Cytometry Lab

W-124A Millennium Science Complex
Phone: 814-863-2762