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Master of Biotechnology

Degree requirements and curriculum

Information about the duration and content of the Master of Biotechnology graduate program at Penn State

Full details of the degree requirements and curriculum are provided in the Master of Biotechnology Student Handbook; these are summarized below.

Time and credits required

The Master of Biotechnology curriculum is designed for degree completion in one and a half years. A minimum of 30 graduate credits is required for completion of the program, 18 credits of which must be from courses in the 500 level.

Core courses

Each student must take 16-18 credits from a set of core courses in agricultural and biological engineering, biochemistry and molecular biology, biotechnology and integrative biosciences.


In addition, each student must obtain additional credits from elective courses and an internship. Recommended courses and internships depend on which of three alternative tracks the student decides to follow:

  • Agriculture
  • Medical applications
  • Diversified

Research paper

Each student must write a research paper based on a project conducted in an academic laboratory or in industry.


The program of study includes the option of undertaking a research internship in an academic laboratory or in industry. Detailed information about the internship is contained in the Eberly College of Science Cooperative Education Graduate Student Handbook (you will receive a paper copy of this handbook once you have started your studies at Penn State; an online copy can be found at

Master of Biotechnology student handbooks

2013 Master of Biotechnology Student Handbook
A downloadable document containing details of degree requirements, the program of study, core and elective courses, the internship and research project, and useful websites for students beginning their studies in Fall 2013