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Assistant Professor, Nutritional Science
Neuroscience co-chair Ping Li, along with Huck graduate student and co-author Jennifer Legault, has published a new study that provides a framework for understanding anatomical and other changes in the brain that result from learning a new (second) language; the findings indicate that learning a second language provides a powerful platform for positive brain changes in children, adults, and the elderly. Learning a second language changes brain anatomy - Full article
The taste of common sugar substitutes is often described as being much more intense than sugar, but participants in a recent study indicated that these non-nutritive sugar substitutes are no sweeter than the real thing, according to Penn State food scientists including John Hayes. Sugar substitutes not so super sweet after all - Full article
Penn State is hosting 22 new National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) recipients for the 2014-15 academic year. Penn State hosts new National Science Foundation graduate researchers - Full article
Upcoming Events
Sep 23, 2014 Tuesday 4:00 PM Postponed
Edward Boyden ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Tools for Mapping and Engineering the Brain
Sep 24, 2014 Wednesday 4:00 PM
Eric A. Newman (University of Minnesota)
Conversations Between Glial Cells, Neurons, and Blood Vessels in the Normal and Diabetic Retina
Sep 25, 2014 Thursday 11:00 AM
Title to be announced