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Faculty Spotlight
Professor of Plant Pathology, Director, Fusarium Research Center
Seizures and migraines have always been considered separate physiological events in the brain, but now a team of engineers and neuroscientists looking at the brain from a physics viewpoint discovered a link between these and related phenomena. Link seen between seizures and migraines in the brain - Full article
The impact vitamin A has on newborns is virtually unknown, but Penn State nutrition researchers including Huck faculty researcher A. Catharine Ross have published two papers that may provide a framework for future investigations of the vitamin and neonatal health. Researchers probe link between newborn health and vitamin A - Full article
A landmark study by Huck faculty researcher Song Tan provides new insight into the function of an enzyme related to the BRCA1 breast cancer protein. First detailed picture of a cancer-related cell enzyme in action on a chromosome - Full article
Upcoming Events
Nov 3, 2014 Monday 12:10 PM
Daniel McClosky (Plant Biology Ph.D. Program, Penn State University)
Imaging Cell Wall Component Delivery Using Click Chemistry
Nov 5, 2014 Wednesday 4:00 PM
Peter Gianaros (University of Pittsburgh)
How does the brain break our hearts?
Nov 6, 2014 Thursday 11:00 AM
Janice Moore (Colorado State University)
Parasites, Behavior, and Thinking Like a Trematode