Penn State University

Genomics Core Facility

Providing next-generation sequencing and a number of traditional genomic services to the Penn State community as well as those outside the University

New Service - NanoString 

With the new nCounter Analysis system up to 800 unique transcripts can be detected and counted in a single reaction. RNA can be assayed directly without conversion to cDNA. Gene Expression, miRNA expression, Copy Number Variation and Single Cell Analysis are just some of the applications available.For a limited time, assay panels are 50% off from NanoString. 


The Genomics Core Facility at University Park provides services using several different next-generation sequencing platforms. Applications supported include:

  • Whole genome and transcriptome sequencing of non-model organisms
  • Amplicon sequencing for metagenomic studies
  • Differential expression analysis of mRNA and miRNA
  • Degradome sequencing
  • ChIP and RIP sequencing

In addition, the Facility continues to offer a variety of traditional services, including:

  • Sanger DNA sequencing
  • Genotyping, SNPs and VNTRs
  • Microarray analysis
  • Real-Time PCR
  • DNA synthesis

More information on the Facility's services and instrumentation