The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Genomics Core Facility

Providing next-generation sequencing and a number of traditional genomic services to the Penn State community as well as those outside the University

NanoString Technology

With the new nCounter Analysis system up to 800 unique transcripts can be detected and counted in a single reaction. RNA can be assayed directly without conversion to cDNA. Gene Expression, miRNA expression, Copy Number Variation and Single Cell Analysis are just some of the applications available. Soon to come is RNA:Protein Profiling.


The Genomics Core Facility at University Park provides services using several different next-generation sequencing platforms. Applications supported include:

  • Whole genome and transcriptome sequencing of non-model organisms
  • Amplicon sequencing for metagenomic studies
  • Differential expression analysis of mRNA and miRNA
  • Degradome sequencing
  • ChIP and RIP sequencing

In addition, the Facility continues to offer a variety of traditional services, including:

  • Sanger DNA sequencing
  • Genotyping of  SNPs and VNTRs
  • Microarray analysis
  • Real-time qPCR
  • Digital PCR

More information on the Facility's services and instrumentation