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Center for Computational Proteomics

Center for Computational Proteomics

A consortium of interdisciplinary scientists who collaborate with experimentalists to answer questions related to the fundamental aspects of proteins

The Center for Computational Proteomics seeks to promote translational research by assisting researchers in visualizing and conceptualizing complex systems with descriptive and predictive computational models.

The Huck Institutes wish to appoint a series of new Associate Directors to work with the management team and help in developing new initiatives. Huck Institutes seek new Associate Directors for positions in science leadership - Full article
Researchers using a new algorithmic process for a heuristic embedding strategy they call “Adaptive GDDA-BLAST” can now see the results of their computations 19 times faster than with their previous computational method. The new method has the added benefits of detecting structural homology in highly divergent protein sequences and isolating secondary structural elements of transmembrane and ankyrin-repeat domains, with possibly wide-ranging impacts on human health and disease studies. Computations 19x faster with new adaptive algorithm - Full article
We seek computer and information scientists, social scientists, life scientists, physicists, mathematicians, statisticians and biomedical researchers interested in analyzing genomic data, undertaking systems and functional genomics and in applying these results to a broad range of biological problems. Faculty appointments in systems and computational genomics - Full article