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Talks, seminars, conferences, workshops, trainings, and other events associated with or likely to be of interest to people associated with the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences
Upcoming Events

April 2014

108 Wartik Laboratory with Video to Hershey COM Room CG623 Apr 23, 2014 Wednesday 4:00 PM
Christopher Moore (Brown University)
Neocortical Dynamics: From Mechanism to Meaning
W-203 Millennium Science Complex Apr 24, 2014 Thursday 11:00 AM
Deborah Gordon (Stanford University)
Ants and the evolution of collective behavior.
127 Noll Laboratory Apr 25, 2014 Friday 11:00 AM Postponed
Dion Zappe (Novartis Pharmaceuticals)
The Challenges of Clinical Research Today: Bringing Novel Medical Therapies to he Health Care Practitioner While Also Demonstrating Improvements in the Standard of Care
108 Wartik Laboratory Apr 28, 2014 Monday 12:10 PM
Shou-Wei Ding (University of California, Riverside)
RNAi-mediated Antiviral Immunity in Plants and Animals
112 Borland Apr 28, 2014 Monday 4:00 PM Canceled
Fred Allendorf (University of Montana)
Human Induced Evolution caused by Unnatural Selection through Harvest of Wild Animals
101 Agriculture Science & Industry Bldg. Apr 30, 2014 Wednesday 2:30 PM
Dr Allan Zajac (University of Alabama)
Deconstructing the functional heterogeneity of anti-viral T cells

May 2014

W-203 Millennium Science Complex May 1, 2014 Thursday 11:00 AM
Janice Moore (Colorado State University)
Evolution and ecology of parasite-induced behavioral alterations.
room CG624F at Hershey; with video to 519 Wartik Lab May 9, 2014 Friday 11:00 AM
Laura Carrel (TBA)
May 21, 2014 Wednesday 11:00 AM
Dr Balfour Sartor (University of North Carolina)
Title to be announced

September 2014

108 Wartik Laboratory with Video to Hershey COM Room CG623 Sep 17, 2014 Wednesday 4:00 PM
Hui Zheng (Baylor College of Medicine)
Biology and Pathophysiology of the Amyloid Precursor Protein
100 Life Sciences, Berg Auditorium and Live Stream Sep 23, 2014 Tuesday 4:00 PM
Edward Boyden ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Title to be announced